August 2005 (Wired) July 2006 (Wireless)


October 2009 (Wireless)

Modelo/Model Number

A1152 (Wired) A1197 (Wireless)

Código do Produto/Order Number

MA086LL/A, MB112LL/A, MB112LL/B (Wired) MA272LL/A (Wireless)

Requerimentos do Sistema/System Requirements

Mac OS X (programmability requires Mac OS X v10.4.2 or later) or Windows 2000/XP (Wired) Mac OS X v10.4.6 or later (Wireless)

Weight and Dimensions



Optical (Wired) Laser (Wireless)


4 with 360-degree Scroll Ball

2 Replies to “Apple Might Mouse”

  1. The scroll ball is highly susceptible to malfunction. Any oils or moisture on your scrolling finger will be pulled in and will stop it from scrolling. In true Apple fashion, it’s sealed so you can’t clean it out like you did with your old track-ball mice. This much money for what is essentially a disposable mouse? I advise against it.

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